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Request Your FREE Sample Pack

Request a Sample Pack by Completing our Online Form 


Use the form below to request a sample pack of memorial cards to help you choose the cards and keepsake that commemorate the life of your loved one.

It’s important to be confident about buying memorial cards online. We’ll be delighted to post a pack of memorial samples out to you so that you can make an informed choice about the items you order.

Samples can also help you decide which keepsakes you would prefer for your loved one - memorial cards, acknowledgement cards, wallet cards or bookmarks

Request a Sample Pack by Contacting Us Directly

If you would prefer to contact us directly for a sample pack please contact Martin by email at to order a free sample pack - please include your postal address in the email.

Choose From Traditional & Contemporary Designs

We can tailor your memorial card sample pack to your specific needs. Do let us know if there are any special kind of examples you’d like to see. When you receive your pack, you’ll see the quality of the printing and paper we use for our Irish-produced cards. You’ll get a sense of the quality of the images and verses we include in the cards too, so you can be confident when you place your order. 

After you’ve reached a decision about the style of memorial card you’d like, contact us and we’ll help you to put together a card or keepsakes that’s the perfect tribute to your loved one.

We Make a Sad Task a Little Bit Easier

48 Hours
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